St. John’s Vestry

There are 12 members of the vestry: the rector, who serves as the chair; senior and junior wardens; and nine other members, who are elected by the congregation to three-year terms. Vestry members meet monthly and are assigned roles in the leadership of the church, for both one-time and on-going commitments. Vestry members serve on finance, stewardship, community building, outreach and other committees of the church. They work to envision our ideals as a parish, and to bring that vision to fruition, implementing plans in virtually every aspect of life at St. John’s. Their efforts must necessarily strike a balance between the here-and-now work that needs attention, and the future health and vibrancy of this church and the whole Body of Christ.


The Rev. Dwight N. Helt, chair
Byron Jackson, senior warden
Colby Burress, junior warden

Mike Abla
Mark Kasulis
Ulli Nollert

Anne Boone
Mark Laufersweiler
Ben Odom

Andrea Conway
Owen Mills
Steve Warren

Brad Wilson

Robert Terry


Core Committees

Under the direction of the vestry, six core committees of the church lead in the areas of hospitality, pastoral care, worship, stewardship, Christian formation and outreach. The rector or senior warden serve on each committee, along with a vestry member, church staff, and other members from the congregation. All are welcome to join in the monthly meetings, held after the 10:30 a.m. worship service on the third Sunday of each month. These “Banner Sundays” begin in the parish hall; a meal is offered and committees convene in various rooms in the church for meetings.


Hospitality — Juanitta Goins

Pastoral Care — Trish Frazier

Worship — Steve Warren

Resource Development — Byron Jackson

Christian Formation — Anne Hutchison and Charlie Mason

Outreach — Brad Wilson