There are two primary ways to remember loved ones through the church, with memorial gifts and altar flowers.

Memorial gifts fund many projects in the church that would not otherwise be possible. Some large memorials, often through the combined gifts of many people, fully fund projects such as stained glass windows and the new, granite Celtic cross on the east side of the church. Other gifts are pooled, such as the funds that provided for our ministry celebration banners in the parish hall.

When memorial gifts are made, acknowledgment is made to the donor for tax records, and names of donors provided to family members of the person honored.

Altar Flowers

Each Sunday’s altar flowers may be designated to honor or remember loved ones or may be giving in thanksgiving. Lilies at Easter and poinsettias at Christmas may also be designated in similar ways. To reserve a Sunday or provide flowers at Easter and Christmas, please contact the church by e-mail or call 321-3020.