All we have was given to us by God. Planned giving is one way to express thanksgiving for the resources God has entrusted to us through our lifetimes. There are many ways you can transfer your resources to future generations, continue your support to the church in perpetuity, and help strengthen our mission and ministry in the world.

If you desire to arrange a gift to the church, once you have planned for your own needs and those of loved ones, we can help you explore options so you will be able to determine a plan that best meets your situation and intent. Working with clergy, staff and professionals, you will be able to review a variety of options. Then you can take all the time you need to make your decisions. When you’re ready, we will cooperate with your estate planning professional or connect you with a financial professional to be sure your intentions are carried out.

For more information on planned giving, please contact the church.

St. John’s Foundation

The St. John’s Foundation was established to enhance the mission and ministry of our church. Although annual fund gifts are made directly to St. John’s, gifts for the future support of the Church are channeled through the Foundation.

The Foundation’s sole purpose is to directly support St. John’s and its ministries, and gifts to the foundation are deductible for income, gift and estate tax purposes. The Foundation, led by a board of trustees comprised of Church members, works from three perspectives:      

       • LONG TERM — caring for the financial well being of the church
       • FLEXIBILITY — preparing ways to address new challenges
       • GROWTH — ensuring support for future ministries

The St. John’s Foundation accepts both endowed and non-endowed gifts. If you elect to make an endowed gift, only the earnings are spent to support the Church. This allows the gift to continue to support the church long after it is given. Non-endowed gifts still earn income and are allowed to grow, but provide flexibility by making the principal available as needed.

You may also elect to only support a specific ministry. For example, you can direct that your donation be used to benefit the Church’s music program. Upon acceptance by the St. John’s Foundation, your funds can only be used for the intended purpose. 

The St. John’s Foundation is a non-profit organization founded with, and legally limited to, the sole purpose of supporting St. John’s Episcopal Church.