Gifts may be directed to a variety of special funds.

DISCRETIONARY — The rector’s discretionary fund provides the majority of our outreach support. Help is given to persons each week, providing gas money and groceries, and assistance with other needs; the particular focus is on emergency needs not easily met by area agencies.

DIRECTED GIFTS — Several special funds have been established and persons may contribute to the Altar Guild, Christian education, music, outreach and other areas. For more information on directed gifts, please contact the church.

BUILDING FUND — Some debt remains from the 2000-2001 addition to St. John’s and efforts are being made to pay off the remaining portion. Contributions may be designated for the building fund.

OUTREACH — Special funds for outreach work are collected through the year — some as special offerings and others in the form of fundraisers and direct opportunities for giving, such as scholarships for orphans.