Make your commitment to St. John’s for 2013

Stewardship is a year-round ministry that takes many forms. People readily identify with the annual stewardship drive, held each fall at St. John’s, but the drive itself is not the important part. We are formed by our regular commitments to be in worship, fellowship and service, and through our response of giving out of the love that has been bestowed upon us. Stewardship is about offering of our selves for others.

One of the ways we can respond in the church is by making an annual pledge — a commitment to this community in the Body of Christ. Members may pledge at anytime through the year by contacting the church. Our annual drive is held each fall, with an ingathering of pledges on St. John’s Day in early November.

Contributions toward pledges may be made in one-time gifts, quarterly, monthly, weekly or at any time. You may place gifts in the alms basin at services or mail gifts to the church — P.O. Box 2088, Norman, OK  73070.

If you have pledged, contributions toward your pledge and additional gifts to the church will appear on a quarterly giving statement. If you have not pledged but would like to receive a statement for other gifts, please contact the church’s financial assistant. Cash contributions may be recorded by using gift envelopes available in the narthex.

Pledges fund the church’s general operating budget. Special gifts may also be made and designated for specific funds. It is the pledged funds that help us keep the church open for five services each week, classes and ministry groups nearly every evening, and community outreach all week long. General funds pay our rector and staff, and provide support to programs and a variety of ministries. This is the year-round support the church counts on to enable us do what we are called to do. 

However you give to the church — whether in time, talent or treasure — makes a difference. One simple act affects many, contributing to the vitality of the community and extending our reach to wider circles.