St. Francis in the courtyard

Most of us have experienced one time or another when we just needed to “get away” — to have some time alone to quiet, to pray or meditate, to think, to rest in the presence of God.

“Be still and know that I am God.” This verse from Psalm 46 sounds so simple, yet we know the stillness can be difficult to attain. Sometimes we need more than just a little while. And often when we need it most, we can find few resources to actually go somewhere for an extended time of stillness, a time of retreat.

St. John’s offers an upstairs room in the church as retreat space for members and others who desire stillness, who are in need of time in a peaceful, protected space. Furnishings in the room are simple — a comfy chair and sofa, a small table, and a CD player with a selection of meditative music. The room is filled with soothing, natural light.

There is no charge and reservations may be made for a full day or part of a day, or you may simple check on availability at the time of need. Resources are offered for self-guided retreat. Persons “in retreat” may also use the chapels, courtyard and other spaces at the church for prayer and contemplation.

For more information, including available times and dates, or to reserve the retreat room, contact the church by e-mail or phone, 321-3020.