Clergy and lay members of the church regularly visit local hospitals, nursing care centers and the homes of parishioners who are unable to come to church. Often this ministry extends to others beyond our parish.

Trained Eucharistic Visitors help extend our worship to include those in hospitals, nursing care and homebound. On a rotating schedule, they take the Holy Eucharist directly from the Sunday service and from the Tuesday morning service to share our communal meal with those unable to come to church. These visitors offer an order of service, including readings and prayers, and share their thoughts about day’s message.

Hospital visits are made several days each week to members of St. John’s and others who indicate affiliation with the Episcopal Church.

Persons interested in becoming involved in visits to local hospitals and care centers should contact the church.

Although we check hospital lists regularly, it’s always good to let the church know if you or a loved one is hospitalized or in a care center and would like a visit. You may e-mail or call the church, 405-321-3020.

Nursing Care Center Visits

In addition to regular visits made to parishioners at local nursing care centers, services are offered the third Sunday of each month at Brookhaven Extensive Care, Cedar Creek and Grace Living Center. Parishioners travel to the centers and present an order of service with readings, prayers, music and fellowship.

A monthly service and Bible study is also offered at Rivermont Retirement Center.