None of us is an island to ourselves. Each is a part of the family of God, living together as brothers and sisters in community.  As family, we care deeply for one another and desire to assure that each knows the love of Christ embodied in the care and concern shown by those who share his table. 

At St. John’s the ministry of pastoral care is a community effort. Clergy and laity are equally involved in caring for those who are sick or dying, in need of comfort and counsel, or are living alone. While we strive to keep abreast of changes in the lives of our parishioners, we rely on the good hearts of friends and relatives, and the willingness of people to make their own needs known. We are aware that care is shown in myriads of ways by countless folks, and so we pray that pastoral care at St. John’s will be a blanket woven of many threads, all binding together the love that resides in the heart of Christ.

Several ministries of the church attend to pastoral care needs, including visits to persons unable to come to church, prayer and services of healing. Pastoral counseling is available by appointment.