It is estimated that at least 25,000 children in Oklahoma have one or both parents in prison. Children who have a parent in prison are seven times more likely to become incarcerated themselves. Oklahoma incarcerates more women per capita than any other state. But there is hope, through New Hope, which offers hope and opportunities for children of prisoners, creating positive, productive, contributing members of society.

New Hope accomplishes its mission by providing five “promises” children need to become successful adults:

     Effective Education
     Caring Adults
     Healthy Development
     Safe Places with constructive use of time
     Opportunities to help others

In all of its activities, New Hope emphases the Good News of God in Christ proclaiming Christ's unconditional love through word and example. New Hope seeks to serve Christ in all persons, especially those who have no voice in our society. Children who have a parent in prison are voiceless.

St. John’s provides support to New Hope through volunteers and donations to their summer camp program and other activities.

To learn more about New Hope or to volunteer, contact Judy Gann, 918-361-3903.