Inquirer’s Class

Becoming a part of a church community means more than belonging to a particular set of persons meeting in a particular building on Sunday. While we strive to be a worthy representation of the body of Christ in our community, we are aware also of being a part of a lineage, a history and tradition that reaches into antiquity and back again toward the future.

Members and seekers can become more aware of our place in the broader church, grasping the theological meanings behind our practices and wrestling with the great mysteries of our faith, through Inquirer’s classes. Regardless of your age or membership status, it is good to be more aware of the particular church you choose to be part of and that church’s place in the broader church, to grasp the theological meanings behind church practices, and to wrestle with the great mysteries of faith.

Inquirers classes are designed in an open forum, led by Fr. Dwight Helt. Discussion will be guided to cover a variety of aspects of the church and participants will have ample opportunity to ask questions. Class members receive a copy of Those Episkopols, by Dennis Maynard — a fun and informative look at the church.

Fr. Dwight Helt teaches the Inquirer’s class. The six-week series typically begins each September and January, meeting from 3:30-5 p.m. each week in The Commons. For those seeking to be confirmed in the church, these classes offer preparation. For more information, or to reserve your place in the class, contact the church.

Other educational opportunities for adults include Bible study groups, book studies and Education for Ministry