EDUCATION:  Christian Formation

We live our lives in the context of our shared story. It is a beautiful and poignant story of great hopes, astounding victories, devastating disappointments, deep longing, steadfast love and amazing grace. At the heart of our story is the love of God reflected in the lives of all the Saints of God, past, present and future.

Christian Formation at St. John’s intends to draw parishioners into the Christian story and to deepen devotion and trust in God through knowledge and the building up of Christian community. As Episcopalians, we stand in a long tradition of serious scholarship, rigorous analysis, and freedom of expression. We are all on a journey of personal and communal transformation as we invite Christ into our lives, trusting in the power of grace and mercy to shape us into a holy people.

Formation is designed to be appropriate for each stage in human development, to be meaningful in the context of our daily lives and to challenge us to grow.