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St. John’s youth group model includes participation in the Sunday evening Eucharist, a shared meal and a group activity. Activities are a blend of fun, fellowship, team building and outreach. On occasion, the youth group plans outings and overnight trips.

Youth group members range from 6th to 12th grade. The older members welcome newer, younger members into the group, fostering a natural pattern of peer mentoring.

Group members help coordinate a vacation bible school program for the Whirlwind Mission in Watonga summer and visit a local nursing care center throughout the year.

A big part of each youth group year is time together in the wilderness. Past trips have included National Parks in Utah, camping on National Seashores in Florida, unexpected challenges in Arkansas, and the starry skies of Texas. This year the group will visit Big Bend National Park in Texas over Spring Break.

Youth camping trips create lasting memories and bonds among youth members. They also provide a rare opportunity for kids to experience life stripped of technology and with only the bare essentials.

The group continues to appreciate the use of the church parking lot for their yearly fundraiser. Revenues support the group activities entirely, and also provide money for summer scholarships to St. Crispin’s and the youth group’s annual support of programs like the Camp New Hope Christmas Party.

The main focus of the St. John’s youth group is to create a sense of community in which all are welcome and all contribute. The diversity of the youth is a testament to the group’s cohesion and their compassion towards each other. 

Rob and Courtney Green serve as youth activities ministers, with assistance from former youth members who are now college students at the University of Oklahoma.

Contact the church for more information about the youth group.