Older Adults Ministry

Mind, Body, and Spirit in the 2nd Half of Life

The Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma and Senior Ministries Committee presents the fourth annual Mind, Body, and Spirit in the 2nd Half of Life conference! This year’s event will include six unique workshops on a variety of topics, and you will be able to choose three to attend.

There will also be a special luncheon speaker, tons of resources and door prizes!

Registration is $15.00 and includes lunch. Lunch will be soups and breads as part of Lenten lunches offered from St. John's.

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Reasons for an Older Adults Ministry in Your Parish

With the ancient is wisdom, and in length of years, understanding.
- Job 12:12

  • Every hour, 330 Americans reach the age of 60.Now “baby boomers” (born 1946 to 1964) will be turning 65. Ask anyone - these are not your grandma’s sixties and retirement no longer means what it did then!

  • In the next few years, the age 85+ population will nearly double. Already the 85+ age group is the fastest growing segment of the population! An estimated 214,000 Americans will be 100 or older this year, and by 2050, that number could exceed 4,200,000.

  • At the marker age 85+ there is increased risk for frailty, depending on an individual’s heredity, chance and lifestyle. However, with a little help, a majority of elders remain independent throughout a long life.

  • In parishes, a substantial percentage of leadership, presence, gifts and services are provided by older parishioners, the fastest growing age group everywhere. They are wisdom keepers, a vital resource, a living bridge between generations to come and those who have gone before.

  • What would your church look like without them?

In1980, President Carter’s proclamation declared May as Older Americans Month, a time to celebrate persons age 65+ through ceremonies, events and public recognition. See www.aoa.gov for Older American’s Act information and programs for older adults.

For more information, contact Rev. John Belzer, PhD and Alma Belzer, PhD, [email protected] or (405) 273-6779.

Forming Older Adults Ministry in a Parish

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