About a one hundred and fifty people make up St. Augustine and preserving a sense of extended family is very important to us. We invite everyone to linger for a cup of coffee after church, come to a Christian Formation class for children, youth and adults; join us for Wednesday Lunch after the noonday service; sing in the Praise Chorus; or participate in one of the many Small- group activities that offer a way we get to know each other better. Though the people of St. Augustine's are proudly diverse, inclusive, and strong-minded. We still seek to be a congregation that reflects fully the eloquent complexity of God's creation and strives to be a loving and safe community that respects and cares for each person.



ACOLYTES – Children & adults assist during the service. Training required. Contact: Darin Herndon

 BROTHERHOOD OF ST. LAWRENCE – Men’s group meets last Saturday of each month for fellowship and to share a meal. Contact: Chad Yarbrough

 ALTAR GUILD – Prepares sanctuary for worship services. Altar Guild members work in teams. Training required.

CHILDREN’S CHAPEL FACILITATORS– Facilitates Children’s Chapel service and classroom activities. Contact: Anna Brumley 

PRAISE CHORUS – Sings at special services. Contact: Scott Chard

DAUGHTERS OF THE KING – St. Brigit Chapter – Offers intercessory prayers at 8:30 and 10:30 services. Meets second Saturday of the month at 9:30 a.m. Contact: Cindy Ginsberg

DESIGN COMMITTEE – Facilitates design/improvement projects of the church’s building and grounds. Contact: Sandy Collins

EPISCOPAL CHURCH WOMEN (ECW) - Aids in various church projects. Meets the third Saturday of the month September through May. Contact: Jan Pope

EMPTY NESTERS - Meets for dinner the last Friday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Contact: Evelyn Hooge

EUCHARISTIC ASSISTANTS – Assist at the altar with wine at Holy Communion. Training required. Contact: Darin Herndon

FLOWER/LITURGICAL ENVIRONMENT GUILD – Arranges flowers and other items to enhance the liturgical atmosphere of the church. Contact: Claren Denning

GATEWOOD MINISTRY – Ministry to mentally disabled residents. Contact: Deacon Robby Trammell

GREETERS – Greet visitors/members as they arrive and make them feel welcomed. Contact: Mary Ann Coffman and Janet Mills

GROUNDS COMMITTEE – Helps maintain the flower gardens around the church. Contact: Jackie Ballenger

HOLY HOSPITALITY/WELCOME COMMITTEE – Coordinates Coffee Hour and Receptions. Works on welcome activities for newcomers. Contact: Karen Koch

INTERCESSORS – Lead the Prayers of the People at the service. Contact: Marcy Taber

KAIROS – Builds strong Christian communities inside prisons. Contact: Chuck Evans

LECTORS – Read scriptures at the services. Contact: Marcy Taber

LITURGY & WORSHIP COMMITTEE – Plans, oversees, & evaluates all aspects of the liturgical life of the Congregation. By invitation of the Vicar. Contact: Fr. Joseph Alsay

OBLATIONERS – Bring the gifts of bread and wine to the Altar. Contact: Darin Herndon

OUTREACH COMMITTEE – Anonymous Encouragers and other outreach projects. Contact: Ted Owens

PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY - Creates prayer shawls for those who are sick or in need of comfort. Contact: Judy Moon

SHINING KNIGHTS – Dinner groups meet in members’ homes to enjoy a meal and fellowship. Contact: Janet Wells

SMALL GROUPS  Groups of people meeting for fellowship and service. Contact: Tony Moon

ST. GEORGE’S GUILD – Collects food and personal items for distribution to individuals and families in need.  Distribution is through St. Paul’s Cathedral. Contact: Ted Owens and Mary Andrews

SUNSHINE COMMITTEE – Provides food and comfort in time of need. Contact: Cindy Ginsberg

USHERS – Handout bulletins and offer general assistance throughout the service. Contact: Sam Hall

WELLINGTON MINISTRY – Assist with services at retirement center. Contact: Manny Duncanson



Wednesdays at noon
Contemplative Service - Rite Two (Holy Word and Eucharist)

Sundays at 8:30 and 10:45 a.m.
8:30: Traditional service - Rite One
(Holy Word, Eucharist, traditional music, with incense)

10:45: Celebration service - Rite Two
(Holy Word, Eucharist, blended music, participatory)

14700 North May Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73134 405-751-7874