About the Episcopal Church




What We Believe

 The Episcopal Church is a member of the worldwide Anglican Communions, with 70 million members in 163 countries.  We believe that there is one God who creates all things, redeems us from sin and death, and renews us as children of God.  As Episcopalians, we promise to follow Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  We believe the mission of the church is to the restoration of all people to unite with God and each other in Christ.  We further believe that the Holy Scriptures are uniquely inspired and contain the core of all Christian faith.


How We Worship

 Because we claim a heritage that stems from both Protestant and Catholic lineage, so our liturgical life reflects both ancient and reformed tendencies.  In worship, we are united, acknowledging the holiness of God, to hear God’s Word, to offer prayer, and to celebrate God’s presence among us in the Sacraments.  All are welcome to participate in our worship because it is in worship that we live out our life as a Christian family.  The service is drawn from the Book of Common Prayer, two-thirds of which is scriptural.  The Book of Common Prayer has a variety of formal rites, which include ancient and modern prayers for both corporate and individual use.  It must be said that just as there are a variety of churches, so too will the method of conducting a service vary greatly, from very plain to those with great ceremony.


About the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma



Who We Are

The Diocese of Oklahoma covers 69,960 sq miles – the entire state – and is made up of some 25,000 people, 71 congregations, and 150 resident clergy. We are divided into six regions, support a thriving Camp and Conference Center, 5 Episcopal schools, and 2 residential communities for mature adults. Oklahoma is a part of Province VII, consisting of twelve other Dioceses in close proximity. Out of all the dioceses in The Episcopal Church, Oklahoma is one that has seen growth in the past 3 years.Our Diocesan Offices are located in Oklahoma City and the Cathedral is St. Paul’s, located 1 block away from the Diocesan Offices.

About St. Augustine of Canterbury




About Us

After much prayer by two declining northwest Oklahoma City congregations, St. George’s Parish and St. Matthias’ Mission, an agreement was made to unite together as a new mission on October 25, 1980.  At the time of the merger, there were approximately 100 households, representing about 250 members.

St. Augustine of Canterbury was the name chosen from a list proposed by the combined congregations.  On November 7, 1980, the Diocesan Convention formally approved the merger; thus forming our new Mission, with Father Herod as Vicar.

Services were held at the St. George’s location until both properties could be sold.  On February 13, 1981, St. Augustine was officially incorporated as a new mission in the Diocese of Oklahoma.  On September 11, 1983, St. Augustine of Canterbury petitioned the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma to become a Parish, and parish status was granted on October 20, 1983, at the Diocesan Convention.

The St. Matthias property was sold in October of 1981 and the proceeds placed into a building fund.  In late June of 1984, the St. George’s property on Center Street  finally sold and a quick move was made into a rented warehouse space on Memorial Road.  With the help of the whole parish painting, hammering, and unboxing, the warehouse became a true place of worship for the next twenty months.  Although not a prime location for a new church, the church continued to grow at a very steady rate.  During the time at the warehouse, land was purchased and plans were made to build a new church facility.  The ceremonial groundbreaking was held on Palm Sunday, 1985 for the new building.  Although the new facility was not complete, the first service at the present location was held on Thanksgiving Day 1985.  Two years after moving into the warehouse, Easter Sunday March 30, 1986, St. Augustine officially began its mission in its new location.  The Dedication and Consecration Service was held on Sunday May 4, 1986.

Today the church is vibrant and growing.  In the summer of 2010, the church called a new Vicar, The Rev. Joseph C. Alsay, to serve as our spiritual leader.  Father Alsay began his tenure on July 1, 2010.  His first sermon literally included fireworks from the pulpit and the excitement has not stopped since--be it dogs, cats, turtles, or other critters coming up the aisle to be blessed at a service in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, or the camels coming up the aisle on Epiphany.  The fun and surprises have not stopped.  We look forward to continued growth in both size and spirituality.   



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Wednesdays at noon
Contemplative Service - Rite Two (Holy Word and Eucharist)

Sundays at 8:30 and 10:45 a.m.
8:30: Traditional service - Rite One
(Holy Word, Eucharist, traditional music, with incense)

10:45: Celebration service - Rite Two
(Holy Word, Eucharist, blended music, participatory)

14700 North May Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73134 405-751-7874