July 21, 2008


Dear Friends:

Greetings from Kent University in Canterbury, United Kingdom…

We concluded our retreat time yesterday with a magnificent worship celebration in Canterbury Cathedral. The experience of processing into the Cathedral with more than 600 other bishops was incredible. On Thursday and Friday, during our retreat time, the cathedral was closed to the public and we as bishops were given unrestricted access to the many chapels, crypts, chapter rooms and gardens. In between presentations by the Archbishop we spent time in silent prayer and quiet conversation as we reflected and shared our hopes for the Lambeth Conference.

Sunday evening we gathered in our first plenary session for Archbishop Rowan Williams’ opening address. Archbishop Williams shared the process by which we will engage the challenges and issues facing our communion in the two weeks ahead. He acknowledged the reality of our current circumstances and the absence of those from our communion who felt they could not attend the conference.

In the two weeks ahead we will continue the conversation we have begun during our retreat of how we as bishops live into our mission and ministry in the Anglican Church. Each day we will explorer another theme of ministry designed to challenge each of us to grow more fully into the ministry that we have been entrusted.

In addition, over the two weeks we will intentionally reflect upon the ongoing Windsor Process and the proposition of an Anglican Covenant. Archbishop Williams was clear to share that there will not be any votes regarding an Anglican Covenant at Lambeth and that our work will be focused on providing advice and comment to the covenant design team as they continue their work.

I have found my time in bible study very engaging. My study group includes bishops from India, Ireland, England, Wales, and the Untied States. We have grown together quickly and find our time together to be a safe place to share openly and honestly about the challenges before us. Without question there is a lot of work before us, but also a real sense of hope for the life of our communion.

Some of you may have seen disturbing accounts of the first days of the conference on various blogs or through unofficial news sources. Please do not get drawn into these slanted communications. I encourage you to visit the official Website for accurate accounts of what is happening at Lambeth. Should something significant happen I will make every effort to provide you with reliable information.

I am thankful to be here representing the Diocese of Oklahoma. Please continue to hold all at this conference in your thoughts and prayers as we do the work that has been placed before us.

God bless you!

+Bishop Ed