August 2, 2008


Dear Friends:

Today we once again focused on the proposed covenant in our Indaba groups. Following yesterday’s session there appeared to be more concern around the section of the covenant that deals with our interdependence, autonomy, and how various disagreements might be addressed in the communion. There are no additional sessions scheduled to offer further reflections on the covenant. As I shared yesterday, the covenant now returns to the work of the Covenant Design Committee to sort out the input given by the bishops.

In the afternoon today our attention was given to the “Reflections Document” that will be published at the end of our time here. As of 6pm this evening the Reflections Document was 37 pages long.

A concern expressed by some, is that the real needs in the world will get lost in the sections dealing with Human Sexuality, the Anglican Covenant, and the Windsor process, (these sections alone consume more than 9 pages). With only one day remaining and our sessions for Sunday intended to focus more on “goodbyes” than anything of substance, a significant frustration has surfaced.

Tomorrow another draft of the Reflections Document will be presented, however input will be limited prior to the final version. 

Please continue to pray for our church as this conference nears completion.


+Bishop Ed


August 1, 2008


Dear Friends:

Well, we are nearing the end of our time here in Canterbury and the work that was put before us; just Saturday and Sunday to go. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't admit the days have been long and many are tired. But there is also a real sense of hope that continues to bring bishops from all parts of the world into those small, hot, little rooms, (cells really!!), to talk.

I have been blessed with an incredible group of bishops from India, Wales, England, Ireland, and the USA. We have developed lasting relationships and more importantly a great respect for one another. I have meet bishops from Burundi, the Congo, South Africa, Seychelles, Hong Kong, and Canada. We have shared stories about our various churches and talked about opportunities for shared ministry. When our church is not consumed by issues, we begin to realize the incredible gift God has given us.

Today we had two Indaba sessions around the Windsor Report and the proposed Covenant. Up until today, I think many of us felt like the Covenant was something we might consider. After today I think most here agree there will be some type of Covenant in the Anglican Communion.

I was very surprised, actually shocked, that for the most part, there was agreement on most of the St. Andrew's Draft of the Covenant. The difficulties came when issues of autonomy and formulas for discipline were discussed. But even then, there was a sense that we needed to find some mechanism that would keep the communion together.

On Saturday we will continue our work on the Covenant before it is returned to the Covenant Design Group. They will take the many suggestions, compile them, and produce a document for review by the ACC (Anglican Consultative Council) in May 2009. If the ACC determines the document can benefit the communion, it will be forwarded to each province for their review.

This is not a quick process. For example in The Episcopal Church, our polity requires the covenant to be reviewed by our General Convention. Since our convention meets in July 2009, too late to receive the document from the ACC, it would be 2012 before we as a church, could act officially. In the meantime however, my sense is that the bishops will be asked to commit to some standards by which will conduct themselves in larger Communion matters.

Please continue to pray as we complete our work; and for safe travel home for all...


+ Bishop Ed


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