Commitment Campaigns

The resource tabs at the bottom of this page are designed to help you with your planning process. The diocese sponsors the workshop. Designing Your Commitment Campaign each summer. This workshop gives you all the tools you need to have a successful campaign. Additional help from the Stewardship Commission is available. Please contact the Stewardship Director for information: [email protected].

What you need to know before you begin your campaign

Our role as church leaders is to provide our members with tools to see their giving differently, to reach a turning point and come to a new understanding.  When individuals begin to see themselves as stewards, they often begin to think of their giving in new ways.  They are motivated internally by the need to give out of thankfulness. 

Whatever commitment program you choose, these elements will be your foundation:

  • Are the ways we raise money nurturing people in their faith?

  • Is giving is related to worship not to the budget or politics?

  • Does the church have a real commitment to give donors meaningful opportunities for participation in its ministry?

  • Is the church and its fundraising program operating with an assumption of the abundance of God's resources and grace?

  • Does the church seek out and support spiritually mature, theologically reflective leadership for the stewardship program?

  • Is the focus on the end (ministry) rather than the means to that end (money)?

Your Campaign should run about six weeks from the first letter sent to the congregation until the ingathering. The tab at the bottom of this page EMC Calendar Worksheet gives the timing of events in the 6-week period.

You will, of course, recruit your volunteers long before the campaign begins:  A word about recruiting volunteers:  As you are recruiting, many people will decline because they are afraid of "asking people for money"... invite those people to be on a prayer team.  Ask a clergy or lay person to be chaplain of the prayer team.  They will pray individually and will gather at times (especially at the volunteer event) for corporate prayer.

1.    The letter from the Campaign Chair to the congregation is first.  It outlines the campaign and timetable. It states the goals that everyone takes part and everyone attends church the day the gifts are  blessed.

2.    The letter from the Warden or Wardens talks of the Church mission,      goals,vision. The theme is "With God's abundance, we can do great            things."

3.    The letter from the Rector is theological in content.

4.    Confirmation letter to volunteers to the Volunteer Event.

5.    Letter to Congregation announcing the campaign event, if there is one.        (Include the pledge card.)

6.    Reminder of Commitment Sunday. This can be a post card.

7.    Pledges are blessed at the altar.

8.    Final appeal to those who have not pledged. Letter or Phone... Letter   then Phone.

9.    Close the campaign, thank everyone and announce the results.


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