St. Crispin's Summer Camp


2010 Summer Camp Staff Application Form


2010 Camp Dates

Senior High     June 6-12

Grades 3, 4, 5    June 13-19

Grades 8,9     June 20-26

Grades 6,7     June 27-July 3

Family Camp     July 4-7

Grades 3, 4, 5     July 11-17

Grades 8,9     July 18-24


Summer Camp, held at St. Crispin's, begins in early June and runs for eight weeks. Graduates of grades 3-12 are eligible for the camping program. All camp sessions are coeducational.

Emphasis is placed on individual growth in a context of Christian community through relationships with other youth and adults, through religious education and worship, and through a variety of well-planned and supervised creative and recreational programs.

An Episcopal priest, deacon or a qualified religious education worker is responsible for the worship and education program of each session.

Six of the nine cabins hold eight campers, the other three hold twelve. Each cabin has two counselors; one is a member of the camping program's summer staff, the other one is a volunteer there for the week. These counselors are responsible for the health, safety, happiness and general welfare of the campers in their cabins. Counselors are carefully screened, selected and supervised by camping program personnel.

Summer Staff members, who are under the supervision of the Camp Director, are chosen for their interest, commitment and abilities. Among them will be people trained in water safety, boating, sports and games, crafts and other skills. This full-time summer staff consists of adults of college age or older with proven talent in working with young people. In addition to the summer and volunteer staffers, the program provides a nurse for each session. The camper to counselor and staff ratio is maintained approximately 4 to 1.

Over the years, campers and staff at St. Crispin's have developed a rule of life that guides all the work, play and prayer. Attempting to live by this rule in all activities helps to provide each camper a rich personal experience.

A total of six camps were held in the summer of 2009, concluding with the final camp on July 25th. We are grateful to all the staff, volunteers, camp participants and parents for making this another great summer! Plans for Summer Camp, 2010 will be posted on this website in Spring of 2010.


St. Crispin's Rule of Life

* We are a community of daily worship and prayer.
* Out of our worship and communion with God, we strive to respect the uniqueness of each individual.
* We do not put one another down.
* Instead, we are willing to live with one another in love, honoring one another with honesty and respect.
* Whatever we do, we do out of love for God, self and one another. We are in life together.
* Therefore, we are willing to give all we are to one another and , with God's help, to offer more.
* In everything we do, we seek to be open to the Holy Spirit. 

For more information, contact the Camp Director,

The Rev. Art Scrutchins at [email protected] 

or 405-388-7647


St. Crispin's Mailing Address:

36302 State Highway 9

Wewoka, OK 74884