Safeguarding God's Children

St. Crispin's is committed to our mission of developing dynamic Christian leaders through life-changing experiences, Godly relationships, and spiritual training. We are also committed to accomplishing this mission in a positive, healthy, and safe Christian environment.

Please click on the sections below for a summary of some of the things St. Crispin's is doing, in partnership with parents, to help protect St. Crispin campers.



All potential staff fill out an extensive application that describes past work history, references, personality strengths, character, spiritual beliefs, and athletic background.

Interview – All potential staff go through an interview with an ad hoc committee of the Camp Committee who ask each applicant questions regarding family history, social involvement, spiritual growth, moral beliefs, and sports abilities.

References/Background Checks – Each applicant is required to submit names of references. These references will be checked by the ad hoc committee before being considered for a position. Also, each potential staff member is processed through Trak 1, a company that provides background checks . The National Sex Offender Registry will also be used as part of our background process.

Selection Process – Due to the large number of applicants each year, St. Crispin's is able to be extremely selective in our summer staff hiring process. Many of our full-time summer staff employees have served as CIT's or volunteers before applying for full-time summer positions. Recommendations are made to the Director of Summer Camp with regards to the summer camp position selection. The Director hand-picks each staff member for their passion, spiritual maturity, love for kids and commitment to St. Crispin's vision and mission.

Contract – All CIT's and full-time summer staff sign a contract agreeing to follow St. Crispin's policies and procedures throughout the duration of their employment.

Training (Staff, Campers and Parents)

Full-Time Staff

a. Risk Management

b. Crisis Management

c. Safety Policies and Procedures

d. Zero tolerance Policies regarding abuse

e. Comprehensive Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention

f. Proper conduct:

1. Proper conduct is communicated to staff in writing, verbally, and modeled in the lives of our leadership staff.

2. Staff to camper conduct is stressed during staff training.

3. Specific policies regarding modesty and one-on-one meetings

Summer Staff – All Summer staff receive training in the following areas:

a. Summer staff receive training on St. Crispin's policies and procedures prior to the arrival of campers

b. Comprehensive Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention

c. Certified Operator Instructions and Testing on all High Risk Activities

d. Proper conduct:

1. Proper conduct is communicated to staff in writing prior to arrival of the campers

2. Staff to camper conduct is stressed during staff training

3. Specific policies regarding modesty and one-on-one meetings provide accountability and security

e. Reporting System

Camper Orientation – To promote a positive and healthy camp experience, each Camp conducts Camper orientation talks included in the following topics:

a. Opening Day Safe and Secure Talk – in an age appropriate manner, all campers will be instructed on what kinds of visual, verbal and physical conduct is appropriate and what kinds are inappropriate at camp. This includes staff to camper conduct, camper to camper conduct, and modesty and one-on-one policy

b. Year-round camper contact – Godly relationships are an important part of the St. Crispin's experience. We want to stay in contact with your family throughout the year in a way that respects your family and provides encouragement. We'll explain what your camper should expect in terms of continuing communication from camp.

c. Reporting System – At the beginning of every camp session, we will educate campers on the different methods available to report inappropriate conduct at camp.

A Parent's Role – St. Crispin's is committed to doing everything it can to protect children. Research supports that the best defense against child abuse is an informed and empowered child. Parents continue to be the primary source of protection and are encouraged to take an active role in preparing their children. St. Crispin's recommends that parents further educate themselves through the many good resources available, and that they have appropriate conversations with their children. Through St. Crispin's web site and e-mail correspondence, St. Crispin's is committed to partner with parents in this endeavor by providing information and education on hiring, training, and reporting practices that we use to create a positive and healthy environment for each camper.


St. Crispin's has a well defined process to supervise campers and staff. This process helps to create a positive and happy experience for your camper. This process consists of multiple layers of management oversight in all areas concerning safety, health, and risk management.

St. Crispin's operates day to day under a strict schedule of programs and activities with continuous supervision provided by our summer staff and campers receive training and orientation regarding appropriate and inappropriate behavior when interacting at camp. St. Crispin's supervision process directs each person to monitor the conduct of all persons in camp and to report any behavior which is not consistent with camp's code of conduct guidelines.


Staff, campers or parents may report inappropriate conduct in the following ways:

a. Diocesan Canon to the Ordinary – If abuse or inappropriate conduct is reported or suspected, this should be your first call.

b. Summer Camp Director – we always encourage staff, campers and their parents to let the camp director know of inappropriate conduct or concerns first. This allows for immediate action.

c. In addition, our staff is encouraged to hold each other accountable regarding all policies and guidelines.