All Commitment Campaigns have one thing in common...the most important thing:

The Volunteer Event

The Volunteer Event is called an event because it is the most important aspect of the entire pledge drive. This is the time already committed members will gather for prayer, study, talk, reflection and perhaps, answer in thanksgiving. 

Regardless of the type of campaign you choose, you should incorporate a Volunteer Event.  In fact, choose a commitment program that needs lots of volunteers!  The strength of your campaign rests in the conversion of people who gather for this event.  Extend the invitation to a deeper level of commitment to Christ and instill the confidence for them to witness.

This event is possibly more important than the campaign itself so give it the energy and planning it deserves.

The tools on this page are designed to help you plan and host your Volunteer Event.  The Stewardship Commission is available to help you with this planning and also to provide resources for speakers and trainers.  Contact the Stewardship Director for information.