Submission Best Practices

We love sharing ministry stories, announcements, and event announcements from around the diocese!
Your engagement in mission and ministry, and commitment to serve as the church, are the stories we want to share. 

What’s the difference between a Ministry Story, Announcement or Event?

Ministry Story: Stories that share mission and ministry occurring in your congregation or your community
(Examples: disaster response team, serving the underserved in your area, community garden that supplies a local food pantry, after-school care program, environmental stewardship committee, etc.)

Announcement: A general announcement from your congregation or your community
(Example: job listing, call for donations improvements or additions to the church building, hiring new staff, call for volunteers, etc.)

Event: Details of an upcoming event that your congregation is hosting or is involved with
(Example: community book fair, silent auction fundraiser, Ashes to Go, church fair and carnival, Blue Christmas service, etc.)


How early should I submit information about an upcoming event?

As soon as you have the details confirmed!

The earlier, the better, but best practice is at least 6 months prior to the event.

If the event is large-scale (diocesan-wide or larger) information should be submitted at least 10-12 months prior to the event.


Who will read my Ministry Story, Announcement or Event?

Everyone! People inside your congregation, throughout the diocese, and across the world receive out diocesan communication! So, here are a few tips to help make sure your submission reaches as many people as possible: 

  • Always list your congregation or institution’s full name and city
    For example: “St. Swithin’s by the Sea in Oceanville”

  • Be sure to include all details about times, locations, etc.
    For example: “The event will begin at 12:30 p.m. in the Sally Swithin’s Parish Hall, located at 4578 Seaside Drive, Oceanville, OK 73102.

  • Always include a contact person’s full name and contact information
    For example: “For any questions, please contact Sal Seabreeze, Parish Administrator, via email at [email protected], or via phone at (754) 735-9718.”

  • Be sure to include as many details as possible to help the reader understand all the context of your Ministry Story, Announcement or Event
    For example: “For twenty years, St. Swithin’s has contributed to the Oceanville Food Pantry through the generous donations of our members and visitors. To help this ministry continue to grow, in lieu of a registration fee for this event, please bring three non-perishable items to donate.”

What do I need to submit for my Ministry Story, Announcement or Event?

You will need the basic information, along with the text of the Ministry Story, Announcement or Event itself:

Ministry Story or Announcement: Title of story or announcement, which congregation or organization is submitting, story or announcement text, supplemental materials (brochure, photos, position description, etc.), and who is submitting the Ministry Story or Announcement

Event: Event title, duration of the event (one day, multiple dates) and date(s) and time(s),  RSVP (no cost to attend) or Registration (cost to attend) information, event host, location, event contact, event announcement text, and supplemental materials (brochure, photos, flier, etc.), and who is submitting the Event

Please Note: All submissions must include at least one image, but you can always submit more
(a good rule of thumb is 1-2 images per paragraph of text) 

Thank you for your ministry; we look forward to hearing about what's happening in your community!

If you have any questions about the submission forms or diocesan communications, please contact Communications Director Nicole Baxley via email at [email protected] or via phone at (405) 232-4820.