Youth Structure

The Youth Commission will oversee and coordinate all youth events in the Diocese.

The 2013 Youth Commission is comprised of the Graduating Class of the Episcopal Youth Leadership Academy.


 EYE 2014

EYE 2014

Want to be a part of the Delegate representing Oklahoma at EYE? Here's the information!


Episcopal Youth Event – Marked for Mission


What is E.Y.E. all about?

The Episcopal Youth Event is…

• a celebration to inspire our deeper faith in Jesus Christ, and a renewed commitment to mission and


• designed and led by a team of youth and adults who represent the rich diversity of the Episcopal Church;

• your event! Each diocese in the Episcopal Church (Provinces I through IX) is invited to send a delegation to participate fully in the creative worship, music, program, and recreational opportunities that make this 6-day experience life-changing.


E.Y.E. is a representational event, a celebration of the dioceses of the Episcopal Church. Individual young people do not register directly to attend E.Y.E. Each diocese is responsible for selecting a team of youth and adult sponsors who are active in congregations and/or ministries within that diocese.


E.Y.E. celebrates the rich diversity of the Episcopal Church. Each diocese is asked to build a delegation that to the greatest extent possible celebrates that diversity by including proportionate numbers of persons of different racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds, people with disabilities, and people representing the geographic distribution of the diocese. Each diocese is allocated 24 spaces for young people and a maximum of 6 adult sponsors.


When? We will leave OKC on July 8. We will be spending the night along the way. We will not return until July 14.


Event Starts and Runs:  July 9 – 13, 2014

Where?  Villanova University, in suburban Philadelphia, PA.


Who can come to E.Y.E. 2014?

E.Y.E. is for young people who are in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 for the 2013-2014 school year and have not

already attended college. It is important to understand that all E.Y.E. participants, youth and adults, will live on campus and need to be resident for the entire event. You will be notified if chosen to attend.


What is the cost for E.Y.E. 2014?

The cost of EYE is $325 a person. The Diocese is covering the transportation costs. We are working on a location to stop and spend the night and this may require additional funds. You will need funds for meals going and coming back.  


How do I apply?

Click here for an  application and send it in by December 14, 2013. Official registration for the event opens January 2, 2014.


Where can I get further information?  [email protected] There is also additional information about EYE at: and






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