Christian Formation
For Youth (6th - 12th Grade)


Christian Formation Programs and Curriculum

There are numerous types of programs and curriculum for youth, across ages, price ranges, formats, content, and more! Click here to see a comparison chart of numerous options to find the best one for your audience!

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Diocesan Events and Programs Offered

Happening (Completed 10th, 11th, or 12th Grade)
Winter event

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New Beginnings (6th - 9th Grades)
Winter event

New Beginnings is a unique experience designed specifically to respond to the needs and concerns of Junior High Youth. The program has spread to many dioceses throughout the country and to Europe. New Beginning’s purpose is to help young people grow in the love of themselves, others, and Jesus Christ.

This program begins on Saturday morning when participants arrive, and continues until Sunday afternoon. There is a series of talks given by youth and adults, films, tapes, small group discussions, and activities.

These presentations focus on such subjects as self, friends, parents, siblings, school, God’s love, prayer, the Church, and “Who is Jesus?” In addition, there is time for fun, creating, and sharing. Participants not only learn and grow but have a wonderful time. Clergy are present to assist with Spiritual Direction.

A young person may attend New Beginnings, as a participant or team member. However, you must be invited to serve as a team member. High school students and adults serve as staff for the event.

Any number of youth from one church may attend. Youth and adults do not have to be Episcopalian to attend a weekend.

In addition to the lay and clergy leaders who serve on the team for New Beginnings, adults interested in the growth of young people are encouraged to attend as sponsors.

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