Christian Formation
Resources for Leaders


Resources for Leaders

Curriculum Selection

Scope and Sequence
A Scope and Sequence will assist leaders in selecting appropriate curricula for specific age groups. It will also allow you to review your current curricula and determine what areas, if any, need further reinforcement. 
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This is used by permission from the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama and approved by Bishop Ed for use in this diocese.

Selecting a Curriculum That Is Right For Your Church (From Church Publishing)

Evaluating Your Curriculum (From Church Publishing)

Vacation Bible School Reviews (from The Center for the Ministry of Teacher) 



A 2018 - 2019 Planning Calendar
From Sharon Ely Pearson, Editor & Christian Formation Specialist

Liturgical Calendar
From My Faith, My Life




If you or your congregation would like assistance or guidance in Christian Formation, please contact our Director of Christian Formation, Sabrina Evans, via email at [email protected] or via phone at (405) 232 - 4820.