Confirmation Guidelines and Minimum Expectations


  1. Establish an environment of open engagement and community where questions of faith, doubt, and struggle can be discussed and to see each other as resources.

  2. Establish opportunities for relationship building between those in the class and those in the parish.

  3. Form an intergenerational Christian Community of individuals seeking to deepen their relationship with Christ, the Episcopal Church and the church community by providing content and fellowship that facilitates their seeking, growth in faith.

  4. Engage in Theological Reflection in order to deepen relations for this spiritual journey.   

  5. Provide an opportunity for investigation of spiritual gifts and options for using those gifts either locally or to the church whole and beyond.

  6. That individuals understand that confirmation is not the “end” of anything and have an understanding for the need for continuing their Christian Formation.

  7. To be able to answer the question “what is confirmation” without saying “joining the Episcopal Church.”

  8. Curriculum should include –

    1. Overview of church history in context of other traditions;

    2. Discussion of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit (Trinity);

    3. Sin and Forgiveness;

    4. BCP;

    5. Bible including how it was formed, how Episcopalians read scripture;

    6. What we Believe (creeds);

    7. How our Worship is laid out;

    8. Sacraments (Instructed Eucharist and Instructed Baptism, some basic terminologies, liturgical calendar);

    9. What is spirituality and how ties into all of this;

    10. How the parish ties into the “bigger” church picture;

    11. Spiritual gifts, what and how to tie into the use of our spiritual gifts;

    12. What are the responsibilities assumed when one is confirmed?

Recommended Acceptable Resource Curricula and Supplements:

The Episcopal Diocese of Alabama Adult Anglican Essential

Episcopal Questions, Episcopal Answers – Exploring Christian Faith (2014)
by Ian S. Markham and C.K. Robertson
Available in the Diocesan Resource Room

I Will, With God’s Help
6 or 12 weeks

Specifically For Adults:

Your Faith Your Life: An Invitation to the Episcopal Church 
by Jenifer Gamber

Specifically For Youth/Young Adult:

My Faith, My Life: A Teen's Guide to the Episcopal Church
by Jenifer Gamber
Uses Fr. Matthew videos found on YouTube

Confirm not Conform (Episcopal)
From Forward Movement
This resource is based on the number of participants in the congregation. For an average Sunday attendance of 50 or fewer people, this would cost around $150 for adult and children materials. If your congregation chooses to use this resource, please contact Director of Christian Formation, Sabrina Evans, directly via email at [email protected] or via phone at (405) 232-4820, and she will purchase the materials for you.

Sealed and Sent Forth (Developed by the Episcopal Diocese of East Carolina)
From LeaderResources
15 weeks of 2 hour sessions

I Believe: Confirmation for the 21st Century
From LeaderResources
2 years, for ages 6th – 9th grade     

Supplemental Materials That Are Appropriate:

The Discovery Series (from the Episcopal Diocese of Texas)
Available in the Diocesan Resource Room

Jesus Was An Episcopalian (and You Can Be One Too!)
by Chris Yaw and Study Guide by Heidi Clark, From LeaderResources
Available in the Diocesan Resource Room

A People Called Episcopalians
by The Rev. Dr. John D. Westerhoff (1998)
Available in the Diocesan Resource Room

The Story of the Episcopal Church (DVD)
Available in the Diocesan Resource Room

The Story of Anglicanism (DVD)
Available in the Diocesan Resource Room

The Newcomer Collection
Part 1 – Welcome to the Episcopal Church; What it means to be an Episcopalian; An Introduction to the Book of Common Prayer
Part 2 – Sacraments: Participating in Signs of God’s Grace, Baptism: Sacrament of New Birth; Do This for the Remembrance of Me
Available in the Diocesan Resource Room

Father Matthew Videos
Sacraments video available in the Diocesan Resource Room