Diocesan Council

Diocesan Council serves as the Board of Directors for the diocese, and as such has general supervision of all business affairs, properties and finances of the Diocese when the Convention is not in session. 
(The Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma Canon 1.2)

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Edward J. Konieczny
Diocesan Bishop, Chair

Bill Cathcart
Chancellor of the Diocese

Henry Baer
Treasurer of the Diocese

The Rev. Kay Boman-Harvey
Vice Chair, Northeast Region

The Rev. Everett Lees
Vice Chair

Gary Derrick

Mary Susan Whaley

The Rev. Bill Holly

Robert Yadon

The Rev. Shelby Scott
President of Standing Committee

Dr. Tim Bridges
Oklahoma City Region

The Rev. Blake Woods
Oklahoma City Region

Matt Livingood
Tulsa Region

The Rev. Kristi Maulden
Tulsa Region

Linda Franklin
Northwest Region

The Rev. John Toles
Northwest Region

Patsy Duncan
Southwest Region

The Rev. Suzanne Mollison
Southwest Region

Becky Liehr
Northeast Region

Peggy Saunkeah
Southeast Region

The Rev. Gloria Walters
Southeast Region

Debbie Butcher
President of Episcopal Church Women