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Please complete registration by June 1st! Our sessions are quickly filling-up! 


2016 Camp Schedule

Grade based on 2016-2017 school year:

June 10th - 11th: ABC Camp (1st - 3rd graders, with parents) [this camp is now full]

June 12th - 18th: Senior High (10th grade - high school graduates) [this camp is now full]

June 19th - 25th: Intermediate Session 1 (4th - 6th graders) [this camp is now full]

June 26th - July 2nd: Junior High Session 1 (7th - 9th graders) [this camp is now full]

July 3rd - 9th: All Ages (4th grade - high school graduates) [only 1 spot remaining for males; no spots remaining for females]

July 10th - 16th: Intermediate Session 2 (4th - 6th graders) [this camp is now full]

July 17th - 23rd: Junior High Session 2 (7th - 9th graders) [this camp is now full]

Can my camper attend a session for a younger or older age group?
The age groups are divided very intentionally. It is very rare that we allow a camper to attend a different age group’s session.

Click here to see a sample schedule of a typical day at camp!

Cabin Mate Request and Cabin Assignments

You may indicate a cabin mate request on the registration form. Cabin assignments are made at the discretion of the Summer Camp Director. We do not guarantee cabin mate requests.

Camper Check-in and Pick-up

Camper Check-in: Sunday of each session week from 3:15 - 5:00 p.m. (no one will be allowed to check-in before 3:15 p.m.)

Camper Pick-up: Campers must be picked up no later than 11:00 a.m. on Saturday of each session week. We would love for you to join us for our Closing Eucharist service on Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. Camp concludes when the service is over.

 Late Arrival/Early Departure/Leaving and Coming Back: Contact the Summer Camp Director at least 14 days prior to your camper’s session to discuss the possibility of these types of arrangements.

Location and Directions

Summer Camp is held each year at St. Crispin's Summer Camp:

St. Crispin's Camp
36302 St Hwy 9
Wewoka, OK 74884
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Camp Pricing and Scholarship Information

The truth is that our registration cost has remained relatively level, while the costs to provide our high quality program continue to rise. The true cost of Camp for 2015 was nearly $400 per camper. This rise is due to increases in food, lodging, staffing, and equipment costs.

We want all children and youth to be able to experience St. Crispin’s Summer Camp, regardless of their family’s financial situation or their church’s financial situation. Rather than raise prices on all families, tiered pricing gives families the freedom to choose a camp fee that fits their financial situation. The tiers recognize that some families are able to pay closer to the full cost of camp, while others have the freedom to choose a subsidized cost without having to fill out any extra forms.

The idea here is shared responsibility and incorporating the St. Crispin’s Rule of Life which says:
We are willing to give all we are to one another, and with God’s help, to offer more.

The Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma will continue to subsidize Summer Camp to keep the cost of camp down for all our campers, and we are asking our families to prayerfully consider which registration level is appropriate for their financial capabilities.

All campers receive the same quality camp experience regardless of which fee* is chosen.

*The Camp fee covers your camper’s meals & snacks, lodging, Camp t-shirt, and picture. No additional money is needed during the camp session.

Week Sessions:
Tier 1  $365
Tier 2  $335
Tier 3  $305

ABC Camp (1 parent & 1 camper):
Tier 1  $120
Tier 2  $110
Tier 3  $100

Deposit Required:
We do require a $100 deposit to secure each camper's spot. The remaining balance can be paid anytime up to June 1st. If you register after June 1st, you must pay in full. If we do not receive payment by such time or you have not made alternate arrangements with us, your spot will be offered to waitlisted campers. If you have applied for a scholarship or you are receiving a scholarship from your church, you must be in contact with Sabrina Evans ([email protected]) to make arrangements.

Additional Financial Assistance:
Additional financial assistance is also available based on need. The hope is that 1/3 of the camp fee would be met by the family, 1/3 met by the local congregation, and 1/3 met by the Diocese. However, again, the idea is shared responsibility. If your family is able to pay $100, great. If you can pay $50, great. If you can pay $20, great. If you can pay $5, great. Do what you are able to do to share the responsibility.

No child is ever turned away from St. Crispin’s because of their financial situation.

- The 2016 Scholarship Form

Churches Paying a Portion of Camp Fees:
Churches, if you are going to pay a set portion of your campers' fees this year, please email Sabrina Evans directly at [email protected] with the amount. There is a form your kids will need to have with them at check-in. We will bill the church for all camp fees at the end of the summer.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations made at least 14 days prior to the start of a session will receive a full refund; after that, the $100 deposit is non-refundable.
It should be clearly understood that no refund will be issued for campers who do not complete a session, whether it be for illness, injury, homesickness, behavior, or other reason for going home early.

Communication with Campers

Letters**: Kids don’t often get letters these days and it is a very special experience for them to receive mail at Camp. Send a cheerful note to your camper mentioning how proud you are of them being at Camp. Avoid mentioning how sorely you miss them (can cause homesickness). Make sure you send your mail early enough that it arrives while your camper is still at Camp!

Address Mail As Follows:
Camper’s Name, Session Your Camper is Attending
St. Crispin’s
36302 State Highway 9
Wewoka, OK 74884

**Do not send food/candy to your camper. It will be confiscated and disposed of by their counselor.
Food/candy in the cabins can lead to bugs.


Email: The other option is to send your camper an email note. While not as special as a physical letter, emails are a quick way to let them know you are proud of them.

Send Camper Emails To:
[email protected]

Calling Home: Campers to do not have access to phones. If a problem comes up, the Summer Camp Director will call you.

In case of an emergency, you may call (405) 382-1619.


Being away from the people and things we know and love, we all miss home at times. Even adults. Homesickness is a natural and normal feeling. What counts is whether we are able to regulate that feeling, to be homesick AND yet still be happy (i.e. “I miss home AND I’m having a great time). It is a skill we must gain in life in order to ever leave our parents’ home.

For many children, summer camp is the first time they face that feeling. It is their first opportunity to learn how to self-regulate that feeling, to grow and mature. Most children get the knack of it quickly and go on to have a wonderful time. We provide structure and keep campers busy from the moment they arrive, which helps to shift their focus away from home and onto new friends and having fun.

If the first letter from your camper is about feeling homesick, don’t be alarmed. Letters are usually written during quiet time or in the evening when those feelings are most common. In the rare instance that a camper is truly struggling, we will contact you.

Do not promise your camper that they can come home early if they are still homesick later in the week. This is often a self-fulfilling prophecy. For helpful ways to address homesickness with your camper visit:

Medical Care

Each session has a Medical Volunteer (R.N., P.A., N.P., or M.D.) that oversees all aspects of the medical care given to campers. Our Summer Staff are all certified in First Aid & CPR.

We will notify parents/guardians of illness or injury needing offsite care.

Summer Camp Staff

Each session is led by our Summer Staff and Session Staff.

The Summer Staff are college-aged young men and women committed to living in the cabins and providing the camp experience all summer long. They undergo background and reference checks before being hired and receive over a week of training. Most are former St. Crispin's campers themselves, so they know what it's like to go Camp for the first time. Training topics span things like child development, abuse awareness and prevention, lifeguarding, first aid & CPR, dealing with homesickness, facilitating small groups, and handling problems. The Summer Staff are the superheroes of Camp. They are the ones getting to know every camper and making sure that each camper is having a great week. It is often the case that many years later campers continue to remember the impact their counselors made.

The Session Staff are volunteers who come to Camp for just that one week. They too go through background and reference checks. Some serve as volunteer counselors, helping to do behind-the-scenes setup and cleanup, as well as engaging with the campers. Others serve the special roles of Dean and Chaplain. Along with the Chaplain, the Deans take the summer theme and expand on it the daily spiritual program and family groups.

Also a part of the Session Staff is the Medical Volunteer. The Medical Volunteer is a licensed medical professional (an R.N., P.A., N.P., or M.D.) who oversees all aspects of healthcare for the Camp. They run the Infirmary and handle general scrapes and booboo’s.

CITs are high-school-aged youth who have applied and been selected to participate in the Counselor in Training (CIT) program. Many are campers who are eager to learn about the behind-the-scenes of Camp. They stay in the cabins under the guidance of the Summer Staff.


Two staff members live in each cabin and share it with as many as 12 campers each week. The bunk-beds have cubby storage space for each camper. Each cabin has a bathroom with 3 showers, sinks, and toilets. And while some of our camp alumni will harken back to the glory days and say the kids have it too easy now—the cabins are air conditioned!

What to Bring

First time campers are often not quite sure what they need to or should pack for Camp. It is a tough balancing act between not having what you need to be prepared, and bringing too much that ends up being unnecessary. There is no end-all, be-all list of what to pack, but we have provided a list below that should help you think about what your camper might need. You and your camper are the final judges.

Click here to see a recommended list of what to bring and what NOT to bring to camp!

Lost & Found

St. Crispin’s is not responsible for your camper’s items. We will do everything within reason to make sure your camper packs all items they brought to Camp. Anything left behind will be kept for 2 weeks after your camper’s session. Should you contact us about lost & found items within that timeframe, we can arrange to return those items to you at your cost.


Weather is constantly monitored and appropriate safety precautions are taken when bad weather moves in. If it’s just rain, we put on our ponchos and Camp keeps happening. When there is lightning, activities happen under the safety of shelter. In the event of severe weather, campers are relocated to the onsite safe room.


 For more information about summer camp, contact the Summer Camp Director, Daniel Chapman, at [email protected].